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10-21-2012, 03:31 AM
Y'know, if the KDF got an escort-class ship with the abilities of a Fleet Defiant, this bloc of forums would be screaming bloody-blue-murder, and you KNOW IT.

It's almost become the Klingon side is the alpha test for your new gear-or maybe that's just how some of you fed-primary players seem to see it.

We get something-and the list is shrinking daily, it seems that you don't have, that works, and you immediately WANT IT.

but you don't want to play the Klingon side to get it, want it, but you don't want to give up over ten grand in hull, close to two full percentage points of shield multiplier, and your console advantages...nope, you just want it handed to you without work, without giving anything up, without effort.

Here is something you DO NOT seem to understand...

battle cloaks suck if you don't know how to use them properly.

Cloak at the wrong time, and instead of escaping incoming fire, you've just made it SOOOPER effective, and that's not all.

Ensign Flatulent can decloak you in the middle of a mob (and will. I suspect it's actually coded in specifically to DO that on some missions-any interact at ALL will, sometimes even if you refuse to open the window it will.)

Something goes boom nearby-now you've taken direct damage to your hull, AND lost your cloak-all at once.

Mines see you just fine.

Danoob spam sees you just fine.

Pets see you just fine.

Science ships see you often, and anyone who's bothered to get the full Jem'hadar set sees you in cloak, and can-and-will light you up straight to hull.

The reason that BoP-driver is kicking your ass in Kerrat, or in Arena? is because he's Learned how to do it. Get out of your fedball, and go learn life on the Klink side, if you want a Battlecloak.

Geez, what's next? Orion costumes for Fed officers?