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10-21-2012, 04:45 AM
Originally Posted by easytiger79 View Post
Cryptic are turning STO into nothing but a racket.

I honestly think we should start petitioning CBS to get the licence recalled and hopefully given to someone who doesn't completely undermine the IP and doesn't hold the disdain for the playerbase that Cryptic have.

It's almost like they are trying to punish people for playing the game, absolute disaster.
I really hate to think you could write that with a straight face. Punish people? They're offering new systems to progress in; that's pretty much the fundamental idea of an MMORPG.

1) This game offers you 99.9% of EVERYTHING without asking you to put a single penny into it.
2) Compare the loot and gear system in this game with every other MMO out there, and you'll see that generally STO has been more than generous. I mean you can get end-game competitive gear in next to no time in STO.

I mean really, new characters are going to have to engage with an end-game reputation track in order to buy certain gear and that's the some red line for you? How long does it take to get the BEST gear in WoW? In SW:tOR? I bet whatever that figure is, STO's equivalent is miniscule. And that's factoring in the Omega/Romulan reputation systems.

You people need a sense of perspective. If you don't like playing the game for its own sake, perhaps it's time to play something else?