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10-21-2012, 05:03 AM
I guess I don't follow the theory that the new blog spells out that the Romulans will not be a new faction, but a mini-faction. I suppose the possibility exists, but there's also the possibility that this is just new content with a new story arc. That has been the main complaint that the playerbase has had for well over a year. It makes sense that the next story arc would show the fallout from Sela being taken away by the mysterious alien ship. I understand there's new zones and missions, which makes sense from a content standpoint as well.

Something to keep in mind about the idea of a stand-alone faction versus a mini-faction...The Fed sides does have the ability to have a playable Klingon and the Klingons are their own faction. Cryptic has always said they wouldn't make a Romulan faction until they'd finished out the Klingons. Whether they consider the Klingon's "finished" at this point is only known to Cryptic, but if/when they do make a Romulan faction, you can bet that they will have playable Romulans for the Fed and Klingons as well.