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Originally Posted by aurigas7 View Post
SFC 3, good times. They even had a good looking K'Vort model.

The trade in SFC was between firepower and agility. I was more than happy with my Vor'cha while my friends went streight to Souvereign and Negh'var.

Not working here in STO, but the idividual weapon arcs were really nice. As already said, I would love ships that offer a bit diversity in that regard.

Weapon sizes like in eve for example would be a wonderful thing, too. Feels kinda strange to mount the same weapons on a Bortas and a shuttle.

The idea of heavy beams for cruisers is imo a step in the right direction.
I always preferred sfc 1/2/op...they took a lot of the skill and fun out with sfc 3.