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Originally Posted by admiralandy View Post
As for having a chef it's part of the starbase and I'd like to build the starbase as completely as reasonably possible. Beyond that I really don't have to justify what I do or don't want in the game to you as regardes what I and others request to enhance my enjoyment of the game.

Can you keep comments to something regarding the pros and cons of the project, I think it's a bug from designers do you disagree. Maybe I should draft a survey on it? I could ask why do you need an extra tactical console on the fleet exploration cruiser? Why not play an assault cruiser?
A Fleet Chef is a very poor comparison to an extra tactical console. Unlike a extra tactical console, a Fleet Chef adds nothing more then what is already available in the players Ship Crew Lounge...

If you want to be truthful, having a functional Chef on the Fleet Starbase is nothing more then a Fleet status symbol, and is no more required for a 'Fleet Starbase' then any of the Special Projects that have been published so far...

And the Developers did warn everyone that Fleet Starbases were a long term project, with medium to smaller fleets having to take well over a year to complete. It appears that Cryptic has been increasing the costs as progress for Fleet Starbase construction has been faster then anticipated...

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