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10-21-2012, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
No, we do... some of us are simply much more understanding (and possibly restrained).

Many posts on these forums claim 'people will leave', 'it will ruin the game', 'everyone will hate it', etc etc... a lot of which is exaggerated.

I've seen a lot of similiar reactions to the Season 7 changes (and it won't be the last). The thing is; they're knee-jerk reactions, and not a lot of actual thought put into them.

And without that, it's hard to see exactly WHY this is THAT big of an issue. And even if you're being screwed over: it's a game, and not that big of a deal. You chose to put time/money into the game (if you did so), but you won't always be rewarded for it: same as reality.

My two cents
Exactly! It's happened every season. Yeah, peeps sometimes have reasons to rant, sometimes, but even when they have a reason they go off the deep end.

I remember the weekly mandatory respecs..... not fun, but I got over it.

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