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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Thank you.
Well, there is a combination of reasons for the somewhat strange way I sometimes write.
First of all English is not my native language and while I usually write stuff like my seminar works in English, I tend to be somewhat more "free-style" on the forums.
Since my experience is not as well as it probably should be for this, the result is not always as well as it probably should be.
Well at least what I write is intelligible most of the time.

I grew up with Tie Fighter so maneuvering is not exactly a problem, even though I've got to admit the BoP is the only ship type in this game where I wish I could use a joystick to steer it.

This is basically the way I fly mine anyway.
The BoP is a "no frills" ship.

I was very annoyed when, during their great skill-tree revamp, they made my nice MkXII torpedo and cannon consoles obsolete, but I already adapted back then.

When I pondered my choices regardig the BO layout I realized no matter whether I were to decide on the Norgh's use on a Sci or a Tac the layout would only change on one point: which BO goes into the Commander slot.
In case of a Tac Captain the Tac BO would go into the Commander slot, in case of the Sci Captain the Sci Bo would go into the Commander slot.

So my build would be this for (Sci and Tac basically alike):

Gravity Well 3
Science Team 3
Hazard Emitters 2
Polarize Hull 1

Attack Pattern Omega 3
High Yield 3
Rapid Fire 1
Tac Team 1

Tactical (Lt Slot)
Scatter Volley 1
Tac Team 1


Emergency Power to Shields 3
Engineering Team 2
Emergency Power to Weapons 1

Probably not an ideal build, but then I usually don't PvP, it's just an STF build.
My gripe with this ship is this:
I do not gain a console slot, so in that department the Fleet Norgh offers nothing new compared to the regular BoPs.
There is no bonus to firepower or defense to be gained here.

It does have an increased healing/damage potential thanks to the BO layout but:
Does the increased ABILITY to heal itself outweigh the increased NEED to heal itself due to the low hull?
If this is not the case, I fear there is no advantage to be found with this ship.

Again, thank you very much for your kind and highly informative post.
a HUGE component of your defense with the Fleet Norgh comes from your manueverability-a fleetie put the Omega shield (+30% turn) on hers with an Omega engine, assimilated deflector and the console, we ran testing on it, even another fleetie with a bugship had a hell of a time keeping her in the front arc-which made up a LOT for the lower-than-a-Hegh'ta hull and shield multiplier.

But if you wanted a bit thicker skin, with four tac consoles (instead of balanced out, iirc the Hose-us shifts one from eng or sci), you should wait until your fleet's got a Tier IV yard and buy the Hoser, atrocious art, afterthought origin and all-it's got more hull than a Heggie, four tac consoles, and similar performance.

Personally, I LOVE my Norgh, I've got the 1000 day reward ship (the Destroyer) but it sits in the yard because it just isn't as much fun to fly, instead my Norgh gets all the lovin', except where said lovin' is incompatible with Polaron cannons-then my Heggie gets the goodies, and actually gets to come out and play occasionally...and I am very unlikely to spend on the Hoh'sus, statwise superiority or no-because I despise the way it looks, and can't find a client-side mod to change the skin to look more like a REAL BoP instead of the bastardized child of a lego set and a 1980's era Zoids toy modeling the Imperial Shuttle Tyderium (c. Lucasarts/ILM).

Otherwise, another "GOOD" option if you're going to spend the Zen, instead of a Fleet ship, is the upgraded b'rel-more hull, even better turn, improved cloak, same weps and similar consoles, the only downside of the little bastard is that when torps hit and damage crew, it REALLY hurts. (you only have 30 guys, your repair rate is determined by alive crew size...yah, getting hit is bad.) You can do MOST of hte same things on a B'rel you can do on your present Hegh'ta, but you can do a couple tricks NONE of hte other BoPs can do-fire torpedoes from cloak, for example, or drop mines while cloaked, come around, decloak-alpha-run, he chases you right into your stuff.

But, as I said, personally I very much love my Norgh. with the consoles I have, plus KHG shields, I'm running just over 10K shields when they're up (taken from the stat display while orbiting DS9), using my setup (4x Polaron DHC front, 2x Polaron Turrets rear, CRF1,2,and3, APA1,APOIII and APB1, TSS 1 and 2, EPS 1 and 2, Tac team1 twice...) I have no difficulty clearing Nannie probes on CSE, killing assimilated BoPs there, assimilated Raptors there, or damaging the assimilated Negh'vars for my teammates to finish off, and the other night a difficulty with my keyboard forced me into facing the tac-cube on ISE solo while my teammates broke the gate. I got it down to around 20% before it got me-more importantly, I kept it busy enough nobody else died out before I did.

(the difficulty was: I forgot to switch over from chat to controls for almost a minute. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDD DD yah...stupid mistake, I know...)

we BoP drivers are, I feel, a somewhat neglected breed compared to the Raptor and Cruiser fans, probably because we have the taste of something no other ship in the game has, and a taste FOR something different from what is popular with the development staff.

Whatever Bird of Prey you eventually go with (including the SUPERB Hegh'ta), know this:

"When the KDF runs out of Birds of Prey, they have, in truth, run out of ships."