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Originally Posted by partizan81 View Post
Here's a question: what are sci ground players (either of the healing or debuffing variety) using for ground doffs??
I use:

3 Very Rare Nurses; they give a chance to beam down medics whenever you use a hypo. I rarely fail to get at least one medic following me around healing me, and maybe 30% of the time I get 2. In a team, you can't heal if you're dead, and in solo play, it helps tremendously, especially doing Nukara Prime medium missions by yourself.

1 Very Rare Biochemist; Adds a damage resistance debuff when most Science Kit debuffs are applied.

Switch between (when I remember):
1 Very Rare Doctor - when using Medical Tricorder or Vascular Regenerator, chance to increase your maximum hit points. (usually use in teaming)
1 Ground Warfare Specialist - increases your damage output in combat vs. whatever variant (Borg, Undine, Tholian) (usually use Tholian on Nukara Prime)
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