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10-21-2012, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
I'm trying to understand what purpose this sto gateway is suppossed to be for... Is it so while you are away from home that you can see your character is still the same way you left it before you left your home?

I'm just thinking it was a waste of resources just like shooter mode and vivox chat were in season 4.
Kinda have to agree. So, I can log in, have a look at my boffs, see they're still looking pretty as ever, and... yeah, what exactly? LOL.

I was sorta hoping we could set doff-missions from there. Likely never going to happen, though. In EVE Online, for example, CCP even openly said they will never let you queue your skills remotely, as it would prevent people from actually playing the game (the "If you have em in your store, they're likely to buy something" rationale). I suspect it will be no different for STO.

We can hope, though. After all, it's still in Beta.