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10-21-2012, 02:01 PM
My requests:

When I first started playing this game on my first character, I didn't do the missions in any sort of order. I went where my fancy led me and visited this planet and that one.
I EXPLORED. In some cases I was met with hostility and got my fanny handed to me, in other cases I wandered all over Vulcan, Andoria, Risa ect. Taking in all the wonders.


I want to explore Sol's solar system ! I want to fly around the rings of Saturn.
Beam down to the city on the moon, or the colony on Mars.

Also, why is there NEVER any fauna on any of these planets ?

2. More rewards for my time. I don't like to grind for the sake of grinding. Recently, the stick the carrot's dangling from has gotten longer and longer. From what I've seen and heard of season seven, this trend is only going to continue.
I want more fun things to do too ! not just more grind.

3. ROMULANS, If we must wait till the KDF is completed, FINE.. Let's get it done already !
Simply acknowledging that something needs to be done, while making absolutely no progress towards it, is frustrating as all hell.

4. Ambassador class ... What's the hold up?

5. Delta quadrant, Betazed, where are they ?

6. A updated modern skin for the excelsior class please. And while I'm asking for skins, can I get another skin for the Veteran destroyer too ? I'm REALLY not a fan of THAT all.

7. I'd like to be able to play a Hirogen, and fly one of their battleships. Or maybe a Kazon, or a Talaxian, OR VIDEAN and fly the appropriate ships that go with those races too. I don't care if they get merged with the KDF, or whatever, but give me more playable races from Star Trek please.
I'd like to play a photonic officer too.

8. Lastly, I want to play some of the Perpetual designed ships by John Eaves please. I'd like to see the Sovereign class finally get the Nemesis refit.
I'd like to see a T5 ship that has a connie-esque design to it. I'D EVEN PAY FOR IT.
UFOS have tampered with our Nukes. (