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Is there going to be a unique (aka wont ever be in C-Store) borg vessel in the future, like the Cardassian Golar Cruiser or Jem'Hadar Attack Ship

If so I would like to share some ideas

It should be a leveling ship to "simulate" assimilations it has made. Starting as an Lt. as you gain ranks it gains more weapon/console slots and crew. And when you hit Vice Admiral it becomes a sphere if your a tactical officer, a cube if an engineer, and a diamond if science officer. It will probably have built in abilities like a tractor beam and... maybe... invisible torpedoes!

Disregarding the invisible torpedoes that the current NPC borgs have, sound ideas I think. Just food for thought
how whold u get an borg cube of the borg you can disable it but not take of it because there are over 6000000 drones abourd not even you whole crew can take one of those