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10-21-2012, 03:34 PM
Originally Posted by takeshi6 View Post
I've occasionally looked through the ship bridges, and almost every Ship Interior Has the same color for their LCARS Displays. The only exceptions are the TOS Interior (with no LCARS), the Belfast Interior (which uses DS9 LCARS), and I assume the interior of the Wells (which probably has the same LCARS design it had when that one Wells-Class showed up in Voyager).

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could create an option where we could customize the color scheme of our ship's LCARS displays, which could be accessed through the Ship Tailor.

The options that could be available in this option would be Classic (the stuff from TNG/DS9/VOY), Standard (what most Ship Interiors already have), and FLC (stands for Future LCARS Concept, it's a style of LCARS that is used quite a bit by the members of the LCARS Community Forums in some of their original designs, and was originally created by the man who runs those Forums [his handle there is Robert]). Those options should be included no matter what if you implement this, but you could also implement other options as C-Store Unlocks.

I personally think this would add a little extra flavor to Ship Customization, and might mean that more people would spend more time in their Ship Interiors.

So, Cryptic, do you think you could implement this option?

Also, what does everyone else think about this idea?

the wells dont have lcars it has tcars lol