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10-21-2012, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
Don't run Aux2Bat on Sci ships. It kills kittens! And I'll kill you!!
I've been absolutely slaughtering kittens the past few days.
And loving it!

(now there's something I didn't expect to type this weekend)

Seriously, there's nothing wrong with using Aux2Bat... as long as you either time your Aux-dependent buffs around the power drop, or use the drop to your advantage (TBR3!). Case in point: since swapping things around a little last week, I've settled on an Orb Weaver build which makes a more effective teammate for an endgame STF/Fleet mission than the vast majority of Escorts I've ever come across. In testing, it could solo a KASE side faster than my standard Guramba build, and protect the Kang on a CSE from two directions at once indefinitely. There's very few abilities that should "never" be used... it's all in how you fly it!

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