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# 1 Starship/Shtttle Bug
10-21-2012, 03:50 PM

After importing character to tribble I decided to open Aeon and Wells boxed ships I had stored on my account. Both ships opened ok, but I have noticed that both also now appeared as active ships. Even in sector space after pressing U key I could see two ships listed. When I approached the tailor to attempt to make changes to the visuals of the ship I could only access the shuttle.

Upon exit to the sector space I was put in to the wells class. I chose to visit the bridge
which happened to be standard shuttle bridge. I than chose to change the ship using the bridge change ship option and the game crashed.

Unless this is some way of putting two ships owned by player in one instance I consider this to be a weird bug.

I later experimented trying to put various ships as current, all I could do is to set up one ship and one shuttle as active. In any case I could only access tailoring option for the shuttle.