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Originally Posted by malivar View Post
I know how to do simultaneous objectives, but is there a way to make the story branch, even loop, like in the dialogue editor? I was hoping to be able to put little side adventures into some of my rp sets, also make settings where people can go 'in and out' of different maps as often as they like.

It would also be useful to make 'good ending, bad ending' missions.
From my experience the only real way that you can do multiple endings is with multiple dialogues. There are lots of little things, from choices of enemy and even choices of direction, but the bottom line is: the last thing in the storyboard has to apply to every path taken. And almost everything that is really optional happens outside of the storyboard with triggers and invis objects, etc.

The story will always basically be a linear collection of maps, with some ingenious workarounds that constantly fight with the storyboard, while confusing the player because of a lack of way points, etc.

Some folks pull it off, but they are really fighting with every limitation along the way. They have to eventually hide the nature of what the player is doing.

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