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So I've been playing a couple weeks, but I guess I'm still new. I have an Exploration Cruiser and I always thought I was competent, but I am getting my butt handed to me by Romulan/Reman cruiser class ships. They have this ability that shoots 4-5 heavy plasma torpedos at a time at me, and I am never able to shoot any of them down before they all hit me at once, tearing down my shields (though I repeatedly click on the transfer shields button and have two officers who can repair/redirect energy to shields and shield batteries) and tear through 50-90% of my hull.... all with ONE stinking attack. Often, I am dead in the next 30 seconds. This is very frustrating as I feel I am doing things right (obviously I am not) and I have NO problems taking on just about everything else in the game. Honestly, these Romulan ships would be a breeze too if it weren't for that ability.

My question is this: am I doing something horribly wrong here? Is there something I can do to survive such an attack? Is the game just horribly unbalanced in the favor of the Romulans/Remans to where they can kill me faster than the borg?