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# 27 Crafting XII console results
10-21-2012, 07:38 PM
I asked everyone in my fleet to donate artifacts to me for an experment. I collected 60 so far. I ran the mission non-stop, as soon as it finished I started a new one. Did this for 3 days. My mission is set to %24 purple %51 Blue and %24 Green and here are the results: 24 consoles crafted. 16 science consoles. 3 purple, 7 Blue, 6 Green. 5 Eng colsoles: 1 purple, 1 Blue, 3 Green. 3 Tac consoles: all Green Pre-fire chambers. Thats %50 green not %24. And there is a obvious leaning toward junk science consoles 4 were Bio function and 3 Force fields generators. Take what you will from these results. I am going to get upto 100 artifact and craft them all should take 2 weeks to craft 100 consoles and then post the results. My guess is it will be mostly Green science consoles.