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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
Nice to know I'm not alone

But yeah, when you're on an internet forum for an MMO, and new changes come out (especially BIG changes like STO's seasons)... there will be knee-jerk reactions (with or without reasons); many of them are negative, because people are usually much more inclined to post their feelings when angered or upset.

But yeah, because it's knee-jerk, it's not a good indicator of how people really feel. Once people calm down, get their thoughts together, and really REALLY think about the changes... that's the serious discussion the devs have been looking for. Whether your ultimate reaction is like, hate or 'meh', you still help the devs better that way than with emotion-filled posts.

Season 7 is no different, and it won't be the last time. I'm just glad I'm one of the few who thinks first, then reacts
I think you may be missing a point here. Folks are commenting on these Forums, not because of changes, but because of the removal of value that has been "earned" in the past, and the reduction of value given for time to be played, in the future.

The model of game we are going into ( I will admit I am not an expert, simply voicing my own observation) is one that is built around a high churn rate of players. It is designed to give little return of real entertainment value to players, allowing for a minimized expense in development. It also looks for as much income in RL cash as possible, before that uncommitted player leaves.

The "game to come" is not designed for the player who has any knowledge or love for the Trek Universe, nor recognizes the long history of Trek.

That is where I think one of the problems is. Rather than developing and expanding the Trek franchise into something of "wonder", the game is becoming a financial treadmill to generate as much income as possible, before it "inevitably fails". There isn't any optimism in the planning of this, only hard facts gleaned from a history of other game ventures.

There are little details being released to this point, only the existence of Tribble as a "trial balloon", to get a sense as to whether the number who might leave the game, falls within the expected range.
So, in my opinion, this is not just a case of "changes", but evidence of a radical shift towards another type of game, that is an awful lot less fun to play.

Hopefully I am wrong.

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