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10-21-2012, 09:31 PM
Let's be simple about this

How many character skill points did you spend
To get defenses against pvp style attacks ?

How many boff skills did you use to make another
Helpless , slowed ect

I'n pve all of those points and skills can be devoted
To damage or strait up defense

Console slots are not used on things like sub space jump

Difficult concept to grasp but try

Were doing 66000 damage every 30 secs to a gate
Without crits plus damage from overloaded torps and
Energy weapons I've saw a few crits over 110k just
Today I know were noobs and I'm sure your +30 Acc
Weapons do more damage than my x3 damage 40% crit
Weapons right ?

You lower the IQ of the majority of pvpers
If you team up
But you were going to switch weapons out right ?
Then it's no longer a pvp build is it

Anyone can see who doesn't know what there talking
About here
Jellico....Engineer ground.....Da'val Romulan space Sci
Saphire.. Science ground......Ko'el Romulan space Tac
Leva........Tactical ground.....Koj Romulan space Eng

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