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10-21-2012, 09:47 PM
Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
Couple things about me, I'm science, I'm specd into science, and I'm fairy smart at defeating things in pvp or pve with only a single duel beam bank some chrono toros and a couple tric mine launchers. It takes tactics and skills to be able to pull off kills using a shield strip build and mines that get destroyed when you sneeze on them.

Back to you though-
Woah we're dealing with a badass over here.

We're dealing 66000 every 30 seconds? So that means each of you or all of you together?


Thanks for making me laugh so hard. I've seen way more "defense specs pvprs" deal twice that amount in half the time.

I'd really like to see you and a pvpr go into a KA elite and see who drops their gateway first. Each of you would work on your own gate with the 3 other players doing probe control.

Would you accept if a "lowly defense specd pvpr" would challenge you to this?
There are times when I swear you and I have a hive mind, Mai Kai.