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10-21-2012, 09:52 PM
Beam Fire at Will
Cannon Scatter Volley
Tractor Beam Repulsors
Antimatter Spread
Pet Spam
Scramble Sensors
Mine Spam

Seven ways to counter an ability that, in order to be really effective, requires the sacrifice of an Attack Pattern Omega or a Cannon Rapid Fire 3.

It's an effective technique that requires big sacrifices and entails significant risks unless you make even more sacrifices (like TBR or Science Team to avoid getting popped by your own mines while Scrambled). It requires the enemy to sacrifice some element of their build to have a stopgap counter ready from the outset, or it can get a few early kills before the enemy adapts and comes back with the counter.

If only every technique in this game were like that, we would be in PvP balance heaven.