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1. [Interface] Clock

Dual Time Location to show Server Time and Local Time on mouseover. Options to set minimap clock to Server or Local.

2. [Interface] Sector Warp Location - If you have a designated flight destination to a Sector Warp Location, disable all interaction windows execpt your target. Reset on flight path change.

3. [Interface] Docking

The ability to engage docking from anywhere in system. Not just on approach.

4. [Interface] Minimap

A) Depart System/Beam Up

A one stop shop on travel options.


Starfleet Academy - Beam to Earth Spacedock, Beam to Ship, Warp to Sector Space
Earth Spacedock - Beam to Starfleet Academy, Beam to Ship, Warp to Sector Space
Ship - Beam to Starfleet Academy, Beam to Earth Spacedock, Warp to Sector Space

B) Change Instance

A superfluous menu. Double click straight to Choose an Instance window. You get what you want with minimal UI navigation.

6. [Interface] Cinematics

An option to disable the cutscene cinematics on location warp entry.

7. [Interface] Interaction Window/Low Priority Interaction

As it stands, having options periodically show in both, sometimes in one or another, irritates people. Pick one and refine it, or better yet modify low priority to user initiated conversation only.

8. [Interface] Transwarp

There is no point in having recursive options (radio buttons inside menus) as there are not multple warp points for star systems.

9. [Interface] Map/Instances

A decent naming covention to show specific spawn locations. At the moment it is pot luck as to what you might get.

Example (Current Location - Sirius Sector Block):
Sirius Sector Block #1 - Vulcan Sector #1
Sirius Sector Block #4 - Vulcan Sector #4
Sirius Sector Block #6 - Risa Sector #6

10. [Interface] NPC Interaction

Mudd The Merchant. Possibly the most irritating popup to interfere with gameplay. If im not talking with him to begin with, i do not need to know he is closing shop.

11. [Interface] Low Priority Window - Info/Disable Astrometrics

Build them into the minimap HUD.

12. [Interface] Chat

A) Make changeable/sticky through slash command. Example: {fleet} /f hi bob!

Change to Fleet and Sticky, say hi bob!

B) Team Channel becomes Sticky on STF entry, loses Sticky on exit. Default to Previous Sticky.