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Originally Posted by tobar26th View Post
Secondly can I suggest that instead of just raging against the team, you propose alternatives, ideas, feedback and constructive criticism.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous posts, or to take arms against a sea of protests, and by ignoring end them!

It's worth remembering that it's a F2P game, that's not likely to change, so it's perhaps worth considering thoughts of 'I don't like monetizing of A, why not monetize B?'
Or C, monetize less, instead of ever more. In a nutshell, this is what it all boils down too:

Don't double-dip. If you make people grind, don't have them pay dilithium too. It's like going to a restaurant: either you simply pay for your food, or they make you do the dishes. But not both.

The rest are just derivatives of the above:

- Don't make people pay fleet ship modules AND fleet credits to get a fleet ship.

- Remove dilithium from the upcoming new STF rewards altogether. Pugging thru sometimes hundreds of STFs is bad enough as it is. To paraphrase the O.J. Simpson lawyer: "If people did the grind, you have to be kind."

- Stop the lockbox insanity, where you expect to get ca. $250 for a fully fitted temporal ship, instead of the usual $25 C-Store prices.

- Put a stop to the ever increasing starbase costs. Fueling a starbase near/at Tier 4, and above, is outrageously expensive already.

- Remove dilithium from the Personal Projects to advance your way through the reputation system. We never had to pay extra dilithium to level up to VA either.

I paid over $300 this month, just to get my temporal ships fitted. You'd think that's a good thing, right? Wrong! Because I, and no doubt many others with me, are getting fed up. Season 7, in its entirety, is looking to become "The Search For More Money." There's a sucker born every minute, right? Wrong again! Because you're risking a sudden collapse of the game. See, people don't just say: "Well, from here on in I will just pay the $300 a month." No, rather they simply quit altogether when they feel they've been exploited too much. You can already see signs of that in this thread.

And for the record, nobody is against PWE monetizing the game a bit to pay the bills, and turn a decent profit too. But when monetizing becomes the game...

Just some friendly feedback.

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