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LOL. Well this won't hurt me since I have all the MK XII space and ground sets that I want for each of my 6 characters and all the Mk XII [Borg] weapons I need. Sucks if you have 2/3 of Mk XII ground set and can't get the last piece to drop before s7 goes live.
"I've got mine so screw the rest of you" Must be a real team player here...

Not sure I understand the angst here. The rep system guarantees gear. It's far more meritocratic -- people who do well in STFs get through the rep projects faster, while the noobs languish in the lower tiers unless they're being dragged through. There is at least an end-goal in sight, rather than the ridiculous random drop system that has no guarantee of success no matter how many runs you do. Why leave your gear up to the random number generator gods?

The only contention I can see is whether to credit existing STF players, and with this conversion ratio they're already doing that, no? It would be nice if getting the Medal of Honor accolade series translated to some more marks and such, however...