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10-22-2012, 03:40 AM
Originally Posted by allysnowleopard View Post
... the C-Store is dead the only things you'll see on it are ships, keys and one-shot power ups. the days of account wide unlocks are gone. the mass majority of FTPers only have one or two toons, so there is no reason for cryptic to make such account wide things anymore.
Unfortunately; what you just stated is the truth. They wanted to work around the old format that was the CStore account wide unlocks, what good way around it and even avoid the issue by introducing a new currency "Lobi Crystals," and a Brand New Specialty Store handle by the ferengi themselves.

So what you stated is indeed the future of "ALL" Future purchases - Also keep in mind that anything new in the CStore will be either "Federation" or "KDF" Vessels and variant uniforms.

Anything different and unique will be placed for single unlock in the LOBI Store. Sad but true.

R.I.P. CStore

Nuff said