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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post

Your telling me you can take your pvp character
Ship and gear Boffs and doffs

And you can out do another character you
Create I'n damage I'n a STF ? With the same ship
But doffs Boffs and character to do extream damage
When you do not need all those defense skill points
You have to use I'n pvp

Is that what your saying ? That's what I am saying

If your saying the avg pvper is a more skilled
Player than the avg pver I agree 100%

I stand by what I've said many times already
A pvp team I'n pve

Will be out done by a pve team I'n pve

Skill at game roughly equal

If you disagree I respect your decision
But it doesn't change the facts

there isn't enough variety in the skill tree for pvp and pve skill builds to look much different. and every single pvp ability build will decimate pve and stfs. swapping from CRF and APO to CSV and APB are literally the only changes you would make from a pvp to pve build.

someone who only pve's is incapable of understanding the game even 10% as well as a skilled pvper. this means we are ~9 times better then the 'best' pve'ers. this is proven to me every time i que up with people i have never seen before in pvp.

this is basically what i run, for tactical focused captains and ships. this has no problems in ether pve or pvp
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