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10-22-2012, 03:27 AM
You have entirely missed my point

Take YOUR teams PVP doffs Boffs skills
Ship and all gear just like your going to do
A team pvp match

And do a pve elite like infected

That has been my point the entire time

If you change out anything your no longer
A pvper

I have already said pvpers I'n general are much
More skilled

I do great I'n pve and I don't have a single skill
Point I'n things like power insulators for example
Because it's unnecessary I'n pve but full points
I'n the energy weapon crit skills

Borg antiproton dmg x 3 energy weapons some
With 60% crit severity and 6% crit chance

But hey whatever man I can't explain it any better
Than that
Have fun
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