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Originally Posted by azniadeet View Post
Always a hot topic of discussion is what to do with STFs when someone goes AFK, or when a team has newbies who won't listen to instruction, or who don't speak the language, and just can't complete the tasks at hand...

Leaver Penalties are often unfair, as a group can repeatedly try to accomplish a goal, and because of inexperienced, not listening, griefing, or AFK players: they just can't move on- Who takes the leaver penalty? When it gets bad enough, it's often merciful for someone to 'take one for the team' and leave.

Some people propose a "vote kick" function. But this would certainly lead to abuse. Inexperienced players who are legitimately trying to learn could be abused by impatient veterans, and that would discourage them from continuing to learn the STFs.

So what to do? We've got players who are beyond redemption who screw things up for everyone else, and we've got players who are trying to learn but just might make mistakes. How do we balance a merciful solution that doesn't punish anyone for leaving if they're left with no other choice, and doesn't discouage new players from learning?

My proposed solution is a "Vote End" function. Rather than voting to kick any one player, this would be a function to simply end the STF with no leaver fees. If three players on a team agree that the team is incapable of moving on, they can activate a vote function to simply end the STF with no penalty to anyone on the team. This allows everyone to reset and doesn't allow for any functional abuse. A "Vote End" function is the best answer!
It will be abused by so called vets, one time read at forum one so called elite vet left his team cause he found out 1 of the team mates had less than 500 accolade points...
3 vets will abuse it and newbies wont know why the match ended, and after a while they will feel segregated and leave game. Now there is a solution: don't PUG if you are not ready to risk failure cause of unknown team members, join an active fleet or STF channel and STF with people you meet in those

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