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Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
You have entirely missed my point

Take YOUR teams PVP doffs Boffs skills
Ship and all gear just like your going to do
A team pvp match

And do a pve elite like infected

That has been my point the entire time

If you change out anything your no longer
A pvper

I have already said pvpers I'n general are much
More skilled

I do great I'n pve and I don't have a single skill
Point I'n things like power insulators for example
Because it's unnecessary I'n pve but full points
I'n the energy weapon crit skills

Borg antiproton dmg x 3 energy weapons some
With 60% crit severity and 6% crit chance

But hey whatever man I can't explain it any better
Than that
Have fun
i never change anything between pvp and an stf, theres no need. i might swap in a kinetic resist armor, but i usually forget. 2 of my 3 main characters use weapons with no acc mods, instead all crit mods. they have builds with EWP and tractor beams, and in pve and pvp, this is extreamly effective at controlling movement of ether other players or npc spawns. not only does this build work well in pvp and pve, it works the best in pvp and pve, if i do say so myself.
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