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10-22-2012, 04:15 AM
Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
The new system is priceless. You grind dilithium and EC to be able to grind and pay dilithium to advance in reputation system, which in the end allows you to again pay your hard grinded dilithium to get your gear .
Or you just purchase Zen and exchange it for other people's dilithium so you don't have to grind, which I guess is the whole point of this new system... Pitty that in the end it looks just silly.

Well, it's not like there's anything new or noteworthy in the C-Store anyway...

As for my feedback on the system, to be quite honest I like the idea, but the implementation is, as I said, silly. It's just tedious busywork and yet another currency sink that unlocks yet another dilithium/mark store.

I guess it won't take long to advance in all 5 ranks (basically 4 days per tier if you've got the resources), but when I've read about all the "special" projects and item costs all my enthusiasm went away. Well, sure it's better than a random drop you may actually never be lucky enough to get, but with the new system it's going to be basically the same thing (grind 50 STFs and hope for the best vs grind 50 STFs for just a new set). Also, I honestly disline the idea of having more new currencies obtained in different missions and used for separate projects. It's like pre-season 5 all over again... I just wonder how long till another currency conversion/replacement.