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10-22-2012, 05:05 AM
Some of the changes I've seen on Tribble so far are good:
- Making the assimilated Set a 3 part set is good - no more almost unkillable ships with 3 part assimilated bonus and MACO-/KHG-Shield,
- New STF-gear with more set bonuses (assimilated console + cutting beam and plasma torpedoes will be nice), but did you think about the total boost it would grant you? +15 Weapon Power turns a Cruiser almost into an Escort! If you redirect all that weapon-power that you don't need, is the Escort then the upcoming shield tank?

Other changes (the reputation system) won't be so good:
- Did you think about the mission "Join Taskforce Omega"? Will it grant you all the Omega-Marks you need to get the first item from the new STF-Store?!? I can almost see people using standard issue Phaser Stun Pistols in their first STF-runs... Or will you be forced to farm Defera until you've reached Tier 1 in the Omega-Reputation? That would lead to people using melee-weapons in STFs, since nobody reads the comments Captain Kazima makes on remodulation.
- More Dilithium needed to get good gear. It's not just Dilithium, it's also time, since you first need to unlock the corresponding Reputation Tier to get a weapon or anything else from the current STF-Store (Omega Pavillion on DS9).
- What is about the "lost STF" - "Terradome"? It's not Borg-Stuff, but STFs were never supposed to be only Borg-Stuff... Remastering (and Bug-fixing) it would give us one more way to earn Omega-Marks and Dilithium (I don't say ore, give us refined Dilithium for this!).
- What is about recruiting DOFFs? We need a lot of DOFFs to contribute to Fleet-Projects at the moment, when we need to contribute DOFFs to the Romulans, we will need another way to recruit more. Or do you expect us to use Fleet-DOFFs on the new Reputation-System?

Originally Posted by daywalkerhawk View Post
A few Questions: What happens to the old STF stuff(like EDC Salvage Tech) there is now no way to redeem this even into dilithium it also cant be uses in the Rep System.

A Stf on Elite with optional gives 20 Marks+ 1 Elite Mark.

A Stf on Normal with optional gives 15 Marks.

Didnt the notes say the Elite amount is 3 Times larger?
If the Elite-Mark is worth 25 Omega-Marks, then it is correct...

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