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10-22-2012, 05:25 AM
To be frank, any new storyline in the game is a good storyline at this point. It's been a little stagnant to me. I'm speaking from a "Nothing's changed since TNG" perspective, too. I kinda like my Star Trek universe frozen in a particular point in time, it's familiar there. Heck, I finally warmed up to JJ Abrams' Star Trek THIS YEAR and watched it for the first time. Yeah, I'm that stubborn. Which brings me to why in the world would I be up for a fractured & crumbling RSE. It's not a static universe. Things progress. Species progress, new ones are met--I was pretty taken aback & disgusted at the kitty cat species additions (Caitians and Ferasans) in the ST 'verse, but I grew up & got over it. I think the degradation of the RSE is inevitable. Like a house of cards with one card too many removed, it's going to go bust into a smoking, writhing pile in it's death throes at some point. Nothing is static, nothing is forever. You can only slap duct tape on a broken culture for so long before it doesn't help anymore in reality, the same applies to the Romulans' progression over time as well.
Now, hopefully, the content is an accurate reflection of the Romulan backstabbery & deviousness we all know & love. You can tweak the political structure all you want, but you can't really take away the essence of Romulans. That behavior is all their own. I liken this storyline change as being the same game, but a different level (or, same book, different chapter, et al)

I'm also hoping there's at least a little story room for the Remans in S7. I've acquired a bit of a soft spot for them, and am curious to see/know what's potentially being developed, even if as a sub-plot.