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10-22-2012, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
Add a line of code giving Npc , guards included. insta kill
Attacks if there attacked
They already did this on ESD where security personnel now attack KDF faction players as soon as they beam in. In Cryptic's usual manner the consequences weren't very well thought through which becomes painfully obvious if you seduce one of those ninja buffed NPCs...

Originally Posted by michaelteigue View Post
Come on, Cryptic ... block those exploits so that the majority of your players can enjoy the game. Don't leave them open for the mindless minority. The first time it happened it may have been an amusing novelty, the second time it may have been a mild annoyance ... but as an every day event it is downright tedious.
This would require that Cryptic maintain at least a basic QA process. They have proven over and over that revenue is more important to them than the quality of their code and the players' game experience. Personally I find this to be more offensive to Gene Roddenberry's legacy than the griefing itself. I hope CBS is clever enough to license the Star Trek IP to more companies so that the current monopoly situation will go away. Perhaps Cryptic would re-evaluate their current customer communication policy then and start listening to what their customers want.