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10-22-2012, 07:11 AM
I met one other STO player who actually recognised me but didn't know him until he gave me his handle. The others I did get to talk to didn't play either not knowing about it or not that much of a fan yet or time to play.

It was a good event and despite the occassional obstacle my first convention and Star Trek one went was a success and got all I paid for done except the stunt show (heard it wasn't that good but some people do have high standards). A lot of good experiences and no one thing stood out as the best but I'll definitely remember Chase Masterson as being full of enthusiasm and energy, she really loves these conventions and her singing was great too.

Heard the record was officially beaten for most people in costume which was good to hear I ended up not doing it but may do so in future.

The only nagging thing I had about the experience was the virtual queue system...or lack of. At some venues you had a mass of people and no one was calling numbers so you could be stuck at the back with no way of knowing of you're number was included or not then others would join the back of you and so on and only the few at the front did you and they obviously weren't included yet. None of the helpers had mics so had to shout, hardly any whiteboards or I don't know football signs displaying added time but ticket numbers...nothing. I think anything like this would have made queueing a little easier to bear.