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10-22-2012, 07:23 AM
I'd have to agree withothers. Saving any significant number of ships in here is very tough as you just don;t have time to run that far.

Also in phase 2 i found the fighters a major PITA as whilst i could clean up the orb weaver's easilly enough, the fighters generally took a bit longer even with FAW due to their ability to dodge so many shots. This drasticlly slowed my ability to catch the problem ships if i couldn't catch them between groups.

Also throughou the misson a variant of the flee mision issue klept coming up. It takes WAY too long to go to full impulse after combat ends. 'd much rather FI had a lower acceleration ad was disengaged by damage, but was usable in combat. The slow windup and damage removing it would stop people using it to run off, but would allow us to jump between point A and B so much faster in this mission.