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You can get by with just the standard 66,000 points in ground.

6/9 Medic (for Heals)
9/9 Weapon Proficiency (DPS)
3/9 Physiology
5/9 PS Generator (add more if possible, but 3 or more is sufficient for PVE)
3/9 Scientist
6/9 Probability Logistics (for Tachyon Harmonic)
6/9 Particle Physics (for Exothermic Induction Field)

+ Analyst Kit or Borg Kit for standard PVE (Tachyon Harmonic beats everything else vs Tac Drones)
+ Medic Kit or Borg Kit for Healing and Support (You want me to Tank Armek? Easy.)
+ Physicist Kit for CC and Pure Damage.

Bring a full MACO or Honor Guard Kit if possible (even Mk X is fine) or a solid Armor plus a Personal Mobility Shield and a Remodulator if not. For weapons, you should have an [energytype1] Pulsewave and an [energytype2] Rifle. Bat'leths are optional for certain boss fights and shouldn't be used in standard gameplay unless you really like meleeing Elite Tac Drones. Once you get used to the gameplay, you can run Omega instead if you're a Fed... but Klingonside the Honor Guard weapon is the best in the game for STFs (especially for a Sci, since the secondary fire stacks so well with Tachyon Harmonic!)

A good tribble/gambling device, plus at least one full stack of Health Hypos and Shield Hypos should always be brought with you. The 4th slot is for flavour, Hortas can be quite handy. But always pack some regenerators, just in case.

Make sure you sprint or roll everywhere to take less damage.
And most of all: always, always, always AIM and CROUCH.

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