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Unfortunately; what you just stated is the truth. They wanted to work around the old format that was the CStore account wide unlocks, what good way around it and even avoid the issue by introducing a new currency "Lobi Crystals," and a Brand New Specialty Store handle by the ferengi themselves.

So what you stated is indeed the future of "ALL" Future purchases - Also keep in mind that anything new in the CStore will be either "Federation" or "KDF" Vessels and variant uniforms.

Anything different and unique will be placed for single unlock in the LOBI Store. Sad but true.

R.I.P. CStore

Nuff said

It should be noted that pretty much everything in the Lobi store constitutes something that in true Star Trek lore would not be used either by the KDF or the UFP. Temporal ships? Yeah, they are UFP and KDF, but they are from hundreds of years in the future. they technically should not be here.

The C-store will likely continue to serve as the launchpoint for contemporary UFP and KDF stuff. Maybe romulan stuff if they ever launch and begin growing the Romulans as a playable faction.

The problem is that there is no attempt at compartmentalization of the lobi store elements from the core game. Stuff from alternate realities and possible futures are literally invading ever aspect of the core timeline.

I don't mind STO butchering Trek canon. After all, every subsequent trek series that launched pretty much disregarded most of the canon introduced by what came before. What I have a problem with is that there is no real concerted effort on the part of Cryptic to consilidate some sort of STO-specific canon that even tried to make sense of all this crap.

They could have a successful direct-sales product in the form of a vibrant Star Trek universe that we can be a part of as an epic galactic-scale plot unfolds around us. In TV and movies, it's sort of a requirement to keep things focused on a specific ship or station and their principle crew. But in something like this, the entire virtual universe can be the stage.

If the game is good, regardless of whether or not revenue is generated by subscriptions or microtransactions, the money will come. If the game is not generating enough revenue from either one of those sources, then the game itself has a problem. Either that you the wrong things are being monetized.

It is a general concensus among most MMO communities that mindless grind is the reason why most people leave MMOs, aside from bugs and lack of content, though the latter is usually due to the developer figuring they can suck more money out of players' pockets by keeping them there through excessive grinding.

But to get this back on track, I don't mind that the Relativity uniform is coming to the Lobi store. the 29th century federation as we have seen it could be wiped out of existance by one single future historical event not happening or happening differently. So it falls into the "not real Federation stuff so throw it in the catch-all of seconfary junk we can still make a lot of money off of" category

Want to do a Temporal War concept that would explain why the 29th century Federation and KDF are involved in the 25th century? Bring the 29th century Krenim into the picture with their temporal incursion technology and have them be messing with other histories to improve their future. THAT would get the 29th century Federation involved. That would make the 25th century a battleground for two future factions, ans we're all caught up in the mess...
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