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I also want to add that I absolutely HATE the random drop idea with STFs. I don't like the idea of "play this mission until completely hate it and puke every time you even hear the name before you can get high end gear". What happened to the simple idea of being rewarded for being successful in a mission rather than "Awesome, that mission went smooth... Now after playing that for the 234,562,789th time HOPEFULLY I get the drop I've been waiting for".

You guys add things that NOBODY asked for, that NOBODY wants - Why would you think a reward system like that would work well? Money? There's not dilithium involved to play these missions so it can't be that. Is it for the sole purpose of driving us to the point of insanity? Is it a marketing move in hopes that we'll go crazy from the repetitive play that we'll start forking over money for stupid things?

Ugh... Anyways, apologies again, I just had to vent.
Best I can tell, this new drop system intends to KEEP US PLAYING the SAME MISSIONS over and over and over again to get the epic set that not everyone will get, (regardless of how many times these missions are run), therefore complacency is avoided. Some will never get the carrot at the end of the stick, but hopefully they will keep trying regardless.

Developmentaly speaking, they are getting the biggest bang for their develpment time.
A smart idea in principle, but unfortunately not a very fun, or rewarding experience for the average player, in my opinion.

Fleet starbases are a huge grind, most offen to equip your starbases with silly things like piles of tribbles, a few security personel, tables and chairs, ect. Things that take a short amount of time to develop, but will keep large groups of players grinding/busy/playing.
But when all is said and done, was it an entertaining experience? Did the "reward/goal" reflect the epicness the cost in player's time it required to obtain them?

Even the lockboxes, truth be told, this fun new "content", is not garanteed regardless of participation. But thankfully, the lobi store allows you to "work" towards another ship if you are unlucky. But how much money do you have to spend ? LOTS

The problem I see is this: The casual player, with a job with long hours, family responsibilities and on a limitted budget are going to missout on an ever growing list of new awsomeness.

After working a twelve hour day to pay the bills, coming home and spending a few precious hours with my family, I'm wiped. And lately, been avoiding logging on at all.
I just don't see the daily grind as relaxing, or entertaining anymore.

The stick's gotten to long, obtaining the carrot's requiring too much chance, too much grind, too much dilithium= aka REAL MONEY, and too much of whatever NEW currency's been introduced to the equation.
Now the problem is this, if you take yourself out of this grind, refusing to participate in this merry go round, what is there left to do? Endgame content? Story driven missions? PVP?
A new Romulan faction.......
Thank GOD for those Foundry authors. That's all I got to say.
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Wasn't there supposed to be a game one played for entertainment in here someplace?