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10-22-2012, 09:58 AM
i would like to give a suggestion to the devs at cryptic.

could you please remove the 8k dilithium cap as it is pointless, i mean why cap it? makes no sense at all.
if you want more people to play this game then please for the sake of the game listen to your customers/players as they know what is best for the game.

i mean c'mon don't you think you have fleeced us enough already of our hard earned wages, we spend enough of it here so why not give back what we are requesting please.

also (while i am on my preachers box) could you please for the love of god either remove the cap on the fleet banks or at least increase the slot sizes?

many thanks for your attention on this matter.

but i guess it will fall on deaf ears, as usual.

i am seriously considering dropping this game as it has turned out that the developers dont give a toss about the players to make the people fall in love with the game like we did when we first started to play this.

get back to the basics.