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10-22-2012, 09:21 AM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
That all tells me that IGE and CGE will probably die out very soon.

Who in their right mind would play a potentially failing STF if you get the same rewards from just playing any STF?

IGE has a high chance of failing the optional, optional in Season 7 = +25% marks, nobody is going to want it to fail now, so lets go for the stfs with the easy optionals.

CGE? Heck with Armek at the end and the possibility of the team already failing mid map at the puzzles... who is going to play that lengthy STF ever again?

For the Accolades maybe but thats about it.

Having one piece of gear at the end of every STF made a whole lot of sense if you look at it that way.
Originally Posted by timelord79 View Post
Yeah, having each STF reward somthing unique was actually what kept them alive.

If there is just some generic marks, the system will be reduced to "go the way of least resistance".
Very good points. Not sure why the Dev Team didn't even think of that.

Which means that only ISE would be played, since that's the easiest and fastest of the STFs.

Honestly, not sure why they have to once again reinvent the STFs with this Reputation system. Why couldn't they complement the existing one and simply add new equipment that's offered when unlocking the Omega Reputation Tiers? Return old gear like the Borg Bat'elth and offer newer versions like a Mk12 version? Or the Borg Kit and add others like Engineer and Tactical versions.