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10-22-2012, 10:54 AM
To answer a poster's question: 'Cos I pulled this from one of my old play by forum sites, and finding Niagara statistics that detailed is really hard to come by, for RP purposes anyway.

However, there is a size difference as pointed out and it can be found on Ex Astris Scientia.


Now then. I would be okay with a skin.

So long as the Niagara was available, I'd be quite alright with that. Since I think if we get it, it's more than likely how we'll get it.

But, it'd be odd wouldn't it? Most skins are just simple variations. This one would have a third nacelle. Not even the Cheyenne's alternatives came without their four nacelles. [I don't think, correct me though, I've never had one in-game].
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