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10-22-2012, 01:11 PM
looked like a lot of fun! sorta old news now in it, but very cool to see stuff getting worked on and talked about.

love the vet ships, they have a huge amount of detail and i love to see that. i noticed the little rcs thrusters too in the nacelles, near the front of the secondary hull and in the creases in the saucer, there must have been good trek nerd advisement! but the blue !impulse engine vents on the saucer are confusing, why are they there at all?

oh and the kdf vet ship, its nacelles arent in their extended mode wile in sector space, they extend during warpout though. also what look like large impulse engines appear to be tagged as warp engines, the borg engine visuals are attached to it, and those 'impulse engines' eject warp plasma. looks kinda cool sure, but im sorta confused as to why the impulse engines are little yellow triangles when there are those huge exhaust vents.
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