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# 28 Notice To Klingon Houses
10-22-2012, 01:31 PM
Notice to all Klingon Houses (Role Playing purposes)

If you are a Klingon House or fleet which openly provides diplomatic immunity to Federation representatives; You are a traitor to the Klingon people and are on your path to Grethor.

We have been at war with Starfleet and traitors have allowed our enemies to flood our space with false documentation. We are warriors and not inclined to listening to false claims. However the Pe'TaQs in your houses have listened to these weak words of humans for way to long.

My house will not accept diplomatic status without the official stamp of the High Council. All other documentation allowing a member of an enemy to the Klingon Empire is null and void.

To starfleet officers attempting to justify why they are qualified to be ambassadors, if you truly were qualified why did you not contact our government leaders of the High Council?

It is because the High Council does not recognize such status with an enemy.

Your presence in Klingon space is unwanted, your attempts to influence our policies are unnecessary, and we do not want to be your friends. For to long your government has attempted to dictate how other governments should act, as if you were the ultimate spiritual leader of the galaxy.

We will attack ALL Starfleet War vessels in Klingon space. You have been notified and any attempts to ignore this notice will result in your demise.