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Originally Posted by thechugster View Post
Im sorry but with all the virtually indestructible Defiants and Bug Ships out there how can any of you argue against buffing non-escort ships?

180 degree DHCs might give us more of a chance against these damn tank-scorts, maybe even let 1 or 2 Fed cruisers mount them as well
Becuase nothing has buffed those unkillable Defiants or BUgships. They learned to become tanky via the abilities allowed in the game and I personally see no reason to suddenly buff another vessel class specifically to counter something that is availible to everyone.

I would rather buff Cruiser in the same fashion by introducing new weapons, new BOff abilities and possibly new equipment to the game that the Cruiser player can choose to use in a attempt to do more damage instead of just giving them the ability becuase some other players did thier homework and learned a new trick.
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