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Anything optional MUST be done outside of the story tab. The story tab is built so that it can only be linear: you must transition to Map 1, do objective A, then objective B, then transition to Map 2, etc.

If you want to make a "side quest" you have to do it using map dialogue, that being the little dialogue bubble you can drag onto the map in the maps tab. The nice thing about it is that you can trigger things to happen based on what dialogue choices are made. This only works using map dialogue. It doesn't work using the pop-up dialogue you can add using the story tab.

So you can do some non-linear storytelling, but you can't have it show up as an "objective."

You can also cheat your way to some branching storylines, but it remains quite limited.

For example, you go to map one, and present the player with two hallways to go down. Keep in mind, no matter what path they take the player must end up in the same place because there can only be 1 way to go to the next map.

However, using map dialogue set to go off on a reach marker, you can have people say different things to the player depending on which hallway they go down. You can have different enemies spawn based on how they respond in that dialogue. Etc. You can even close things off so if they go down one hallway, they cannot go down the other.

Just remember, they have to end up at the same spot. What I like to do is set a reach marker at the end of the map, and have that be the only objective, with the objective text telling the player "Make your choice and get to the turbolift" or some such.

The player's choices do not extend beyond one map, unless you ask them to make that choice again.

So you transition to map two, and say you want different enemies to spawn based on which hallway the player went down. So at the beginning of map two, you have a map dialogue that asks the player "Did you go down the left or the right hallway?" You put down one type of enemy, set them to become visible on "dialogue prompt reached" and set it to one of the choices in the introductory dialogue, and put down another set of enemies and tie them to the other choice. The most important thing here becomes this: do not set those enemies to a kill objective. Make sure not to set them to an objective of any kind.

This is probably as clear as mud, so good thing I made a video tutorial a while back. It's in two parts, but both can be found in this post at Starbase UGC:
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