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10-22-2012, 01:21 PM
I wouldn't say the lack of animation options has ruined the feature. It isn't a good thing, of course, but we've been asking for the ability to despawn npcs since the beginning of the Foundry. Now we have it, even if it is lacking some bells and whistles, those same things we've never had for despawning objects. Having it is better than not.

That said I would love for them to add animation, since the things most of us want to do with them include beaming things out or ships warping away.

Here's a thought on space. Its a variation on the old trick to have a ship animate on queue.

Place a freighter from the details menu. Have the player move toward it. They Pass over reach marker A, this despawns the detail freighter and spawns an NPC version of the same type at the same coordinates. The npc freighter is set to use the warp out idle animation. Under the current holodeck system, the freighter will warp away then stop and sit there. But now you add another reach marker fairly close to the first, which when passed over despawns the freighter. You'd have to play with distances and timing so that the freighter would despawn at the end of the animation instead of in the middle.

I have this exact situation in a mission (my very first one from waaaay back when) and I've been waiting for a real warp out. If this theory works, I'll just have to add an extra step to the workaround.
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