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Originally Posted by defalus View Post
Each Elite STF has a chance to award a player with 1 type of Prototype Tech that can be traded for certain elite requisition.

If you want the Elite weapon you need to run Cure Ground Elite and hope the Prototype Weapon Tech drops.

Each Elite STF has a chance to drop these as either Rare or Prototype varients:

Cure Space Elite -> Engine Tech
Cure Ground Elite -> Weapon Tech
Infected Space Elite -> Shield Tech
Infected Ground Elite -> PSG Tech
Khitomer Accord Space Elite -> Deflector Tech
Khitomer Accord Ground Elite -> Armor Tech
ok i have done the cure elite ground 1o times now and it has dropped the Prototype Weapon Tech 3 times but i am getting a bit fed up as it only seems to be the Mk XI version of the veteran and not the elite weapons Mk XII version.

i am a level 50 admiral, whats going on here?
am i missing something?