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Okay, so the title's a bit of a misnomer. I've been around awhile- Just not as Klingon. I've played as Federation since Beta, but after a bit of further reading and recently trying out the faction I have fallen in love with playing the Klingon Empire! So many wonderful tales of epic heroics, loyalty and duty, romance and betrayal dwell within the Klingon Empire's canon lore that as a roleplayer I find myself drawn more and more towards making my Klingon faction character my main.

Experience wise; I have a lot of experience as a Fed Tactical running DPS Escorts and little else. M'ossa, my Klingon faction character, is my first foray into Science- Currently level 50, my goal with him is to run a Torp BOP with emphasis on harassing and distracting enemy players in PVP.

As far as RP goes almost all of my experience comes from the free-form text based MUSH variant of MUDs. I have roleplayed in the Star Trek universe before, just not in an MMO setting. I would like to make RP one of my primary activities and thus had in mind to find an RP fleet, but if a 'standard' fleet has an active roleplay group in addition to general gameplay I would be happy to consider them as well. Questions regarding character personality and IC backstory can be obtained through PM if wished.

Hope to hear from someone soon!
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