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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post

I keep missing these awesome events!!!

Is there no way to send out a mail or something? Does it get announced in OPvP

Need to know what you're using and what time zone you're in bud

Originally Posted by felderburg View Post
I'll sign up!

Engineer, Enemy Neutralization OR Fabrication Specialist.

I didn't see anything on which devices are or aren't allowed, so... anything goes?
While these Leagues are intended to be Space, if there is enough interest in Ground then I'd be happy to add in a schedule for it.

However if you were intending to go for the Space section then I need to know the Ship(s) that you intend to use and the timezone that you're from for scheduling purposes

Originally Posted by devorasx View Post

Isnt the temporal 3 set item you get from the lobi store actually meant for the time ship (Wells) as pr that definition? If the interpretation is going to be that way, then the timeship is going to be OP.
I'm not overly concerned about the temporal 3-set since loading on that many consoles has its disadvantages in a 1v1 setting, but in truth it's something that we'll really just have to see how it plays out before I can make a decision on it.

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