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Originally Posted by therealsivar View Post
I'm not overly concerned about the temporal 3-set since loading on that many consoles has its disadvantages in a 1v1 setting, but in truth it's something that we'll really just have to see how it plays out before I can make a decision on it.

Well, ive seen what Maikai can do with that set in combination with whatever BOFF/DOFF setup he has, and its really really powerful. If the interpretation is going to be like that, then im rather relcutant to participate as people have already payed to win, where there is no complete fairness for all. Its like pitting FC Barcelona against LA Galaxys and you know LA Galaxys has NO chance whatsoever, cause Barca got the money to buy all the best trainers and players.

If this tournament is going to be fun and fair, NO universal consoles are allowed. There is no pvp skill involved when someone has bought their way to victory then actually competing with the same achievable gear/skills.
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